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🍄 Mushy Study 🍄

Have you ever drawn something or someone from life? Do you use reference photos? Both are fantastic practices when drawing or painting and should be encouraged.

However, the experience of drawing from life really is unlike drawing from a reference photo. The subject may likely move, lighting will change, and other objects may come into the scene unexpectedly. The existence of that physical subject is right before you. Sit before it, touch it, speak to it if you must! Let it’s presence translate through your fingers onto that canvas and speak through your work.

Have you seen many mushrooms in your area lately? We have a number of them popping up all around our house as this hot Summer finally dwindles down to an end. I was compelled to study a few of them while my son played outside one afternoon. 🍄Each one so unique. They will all be gone before long, and soon I will be studying the beautiful, fallen leaves. ☺🍂🍁

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