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Create a Grimoire

What is a Grimoire? Well, since you’re here you may already know, but maybe you don’t. A Grimoire, or “book of spells,” essentially contains journal entries or instructions. They may even include recipes and herbal texts for medicine. So this is an example of a page you may create in your Grimoire. 

I chose to create instructions to craft a Besom, or broom. They are often used in cleansing rituals and may be hung above a door for protection. 

So, let’s get started! You will need some paper and something to write and draw with. Feel free to use anything you like! I chose Bristol board and cut it to 8″x10″. I used a pencil and ink pen for the images and script and a soft eraser to clean up the pencil marks. You can complete this page with as much or as little material as desired. No matter how detailed you decide to get, I guarantee you will have a nice page for your book. 

Trust the process and let your creativity flow! You do not have to be a seasoned artist to create a beautiful entry. Anyone can do this. Yes, the devil is in the details, but, when it comes to journaling and page design such as this, minimal detail can work! You can sketch out a simple line drawing and focus on the text and still create a beautiful and interesting book. 

  1. Begin collecting research on your selected topic. This will help you utilize any notes you need to add to your Grimoire pages.

2. Lightly sketch your page layout. You may also choose to add a boarder and lines for neater text.

3. Then sketch your illustrations. Because this page is dedicated to Besoms, draw your Besom and any herbs or flowers you may like to add into the bristles.

4. Now ink your illustrations and the title. Draw out your boarder and flourishes too.

Simple details will breathe life into this page so don’t feel that you have to add something to every inch of the background. A clean, neat page will be more appealing and easier to refer back to. Only add what is most important!

5. Now you may begin adding your notes. Write down all specifics so that you have quick reference for common practice, materials, and instructions incase you decide to craft more. Also, you may like to jot down a spell you wish to use when practicing your ritual. Wishes can also be chanted or maybe you would like to remember a simple mantra to help you to focus on your intention.

Make sure you give the ink time to dry in between additions! Once all is dry, you can erase all pencil marks and add in any other details you like to complete this entry.

And there you have it, a completed page to add to your Grimoire. Just remember to keep creating pages so that you have a nice full book!

Happy crafting and creating, friends!

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