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Nesting and Foraging

Springtime is on the way! I know many of you are ready for it and others closer to the south like me are already getting teasers of warm, sunny weather. Those bright, pleasant days are right around the corner though so pull out your gardening gloves and hiking boots and let’s get outside again!

I have felt much like a bird flitting about, tending to her young and her nest. From putting away old items and bringing in new necessities, to cleaning and preparing for the next season; there is always much to do but it is always nice to step back and appreciate all of the work that goes into daily routines.

I am so excited for the arrival of our new baby. Already a little over the halfway mark and all of my prepping instincts have been at full force! I’ve taken advantage of my energy bursts and accomplished several things to check off my list.

Along with gathering items for the new baby, my toddler and I have been foraging pretty and interesting things outside. It’s been fun taking him into the back yard to explore. Picking up pinecones, leaves, and bark to put in his pail. Making it a mission to fill full of goodies and have a mini adventure. I await the days to do this with him and lay out all of our finds to draw together.

I was gifted this cute leather-bound sketchbook and am going to use it for my color studies. (I am guilty of never working with color media!)

I believe that will do it for now. I look forward to telling you about some new endeavors soon. Until next time ♡ Enjoy these final weeks of Winter!

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